Tuna Overload at Big Ben Steaks and Grill

Last September I was in GenSan with my blogger friends and GenSan’s Manansala sisters, Orman and Avel, treated us to an enjoyable and sumptuous SEX tour – (Socsksargen EXperience Tour). It was an adventure-filled tour and a never-ending food trip!

GenSan Big Ben Steak and Grill Robinsons

Big Ben Steaks and Grill @ Robinsons, GenSan

And first on the list was a delightful tuna feast at the Big Ben Steaks and Grill. Mica, Avel, Orman and I had a wonderful lunch c/o the very good and hospitable owners of Big Ben -

Obligatory group pic LOL. Orman, Avel, Mica and I with Mr Ben and Ms Baby, his wife.

The Tuna Feast.

Everything we had on our first lunch in GenSan is tuna. We had four different tuna dishes which are the bestsellers in Big Ben’s – Tuna Salpicao, Tuna Paella, Tuna Curry and Tuna Mediterranean. What’s good about cooking dishes using tuna is that this fish can actually mimic the original taste of the meat that the dish is originally known for. It takes in all the flavor of the dish and it makes it grand, and even healthier. You know you can always take a tuna and transform it to something very delectable.

Tuna Paella.

I love the contrast in texture and flavor of tuna chunks and sliced salted egg in this dish. The play of colors is very appetizing.

Tuna Salpicao.

Now this is what I’m talking about earlier – Tuna Salpicao has proved to me that tuna is a versatile protein to use. When I tasted this one, it tasted like beef salpicao, no awkward taste that you usually get when you use a protein for a dish that is not very familiar with that protein.

Tuna Curry.

Yes, that’s one big grilled tuna steak in curry sauce. I remember this dish tasted a sweet. I would have love this dish more if it was spicier. But I still love this nonetheless.

Tuna Mediterranean.

And this is my favorite! Tuna Mediterranean! This dish is very original and it did captured the taste of Mediterranean. It’s like eating tuna in a pirate ship, I swear. And I also like how the plating played. It’s simple and clean. If I am to eat again at Big Ben’s I would definitely have this one.

And of course the feast wouldn’t be complete without a dessert! Our group had a BIG bowl of Big Ben’s original halo-halo.

Big Ben's Halo-halo - Sweetcorn, leche flan and ice cream!

This is really one big halo-halo bowl!! Our group wasn’t able to finish it all. As much as we wanted to, the bowl is good for 6-8 persons. And yes, our tummies’ already bloated with all the tuna that we just had. Mica shot a video while the waiter mixes the giant halo-halo. Find it here in her video blog.

Big Ben Steaks and Grill is located at Robinsons Mall, General Santos City.

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12 thoughts on “Tuna Overload at Big Ben Steaks and Grill

    • Wala pa daw sila plans magopen ng branch here in Manila eh. Haha so we have to fly to GenSan pa. Pero if you happen to visit GenSan nga in the future, highly recommended to eat here. :)

      Tsaka super reasonable din talaga ung prices dito.

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