Staying at Hilton Hotel Cebu and Why It’s Not Worth It

And so they say branding is everything. It is.

hilton hotel cebu

Hilton Hotel Cebu - so pink!!

Two weeks ago I was back in Cebu for a very short impromptu weekend getaway with A. Though I didn’t really grow up there I consider Cebu as my sweet home — I was born in Cebu and almost all of my relatives from my Mom’s side are living in Cebu. We wanted to stay in Abaca Boutique Resort but after deliberating we decided to stay at Hilton Hotel instead.

We booked our room reservation online and we chose to stay on one of their King Deluxe Room, which was around P6,000. Then after we confirmed our reservation, we decided to put an advanced upgrade request for an Executive Spa Suite room for only Php1600, giving us 50% discount if ever the room is available upon check-in. When we arrived at Hilton, there was an available Executive Spa Suite and we have to take it because that’s what the agreement says if you book advance room upgrade online.

hilton hotel cebu

View from 22nd floor - continental view

Our room was on the 22nd floor, the last floor in Hilton Hotel Cebu and was facing the continental view.

hilton hotel cebu room

Executive Spa Suite, Hilton Hotel

hilton hotel cebu room

Executive Spa Suite, Hilton Hotel Cebu

Executive Spa Suite - the room holds almost nothing but the couch, the tv, the table and the bed.

I was really disappointed with the room because it doesn’t feel “home-y” to me. The whole place is very spacious with nothing much on it. It’s like walking into a place where buying furnitures and room decorations is a crime. There are two TV set in there, which are not even flat-screen LCD TV considering that its rate is like Php10 000 per night. Also, there is problem with the airconditioning system on the 22nd floor of Hilton Hotel Cebu, it doesn’t get cold in there, so we asked to be transferred to our original reservation, the King Deluxe room. Luckily there’s one available.

View from 17th floor - oceanfront view

This room is smaller but I like this better.

Cute lamp!!

So what else is there in Hilton Hotel Cebu aside from overpriced rooms? Well they have an infinity pool and a man-made beach to start with, four cafes, gym, lounges, and the usual stuff you’d get from a high-end resort. I spent most of my time in the pool and in the beach.

Infinity Pool

Man-made beach. Those artificial islets over there are so "trying-hard".

Hilton Hotel Cebu viewed from the beach

Hilton Hotel Cebu viewed from the beach

I was really disappointed in Hilton Hotel Cebu because for one it’s too pricey but not worth it. There’s not much to do in there, unlike in Bellarocca the outdoors activities like kayaking, snorkeling and windsurfing are free. If you’re planning to stay in Hilton, I would suggest that you up your game just a little more and stay in Shang-ri La Cebu instead.

And if there’s something I am really looking for from Hilton, it would be the very good service. I’ve experience excellent service when I stayed in Bellarocca Island Resort and Spa last August and their service is unparalleled. They’ve raised the bar and I think on every resort/hotel of ¬†almost the same caliber that I will visit next time, I will always compare the experience with what I’ve had from Bellarocca.

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7 thoughts on “Staying at Hilton Hotel Cebu and Why It’s Not Worth It

  1. Assuming I haven’t been there, and only basing it on the beautiful pictures you’ve posted, I’d say that it was a very nice and wonderful resort. :)

    Well for me, it’s not that bad. It’s just that, we’ve probably expected more from Hilton. Hehe.

    Pros: The rooms, balcony views, breakfast.
    Cons: Pool, Lobby too small.

  2. next time you visit Cebu, you should stay in Shangri-la or Abaca. You can also try the Korean-owned Imperial Palace Waterpark.
    And i wont recommend you to stay in Be Resort.

  3. One word – Overpriced!
    I agree with you, rather than Hilton, stay in Shangri-la Mactan or even Plantation Bay. It’s way better than the boring Hilton Hotel.

  4. So I guess this is why no result of Hilton Cebu on the first page after I search Cebu Hotel. The place is a disappointing and pricey. Thanks for this post. I’m going to Cebu next month so I’m not choosing this hotel. Haha!

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