Preparing for a short, impromptu trip

When I started developing my love for  traveling, I plan my trip at least a month ahead. Then came the time when I would just go where my feet itch to go. My first (local) impromptu trip was April 2010 when I joined a group of couch surfers to go up the mountains of Sagada. Most of the people in the group are strangers to each other but that didn’t stop us to have a real good time together.

Second impromptu trip was April this year. I went international – Singapore and Malaysia for 10days.  While in SG, I also booked train tickets to Tampin-KL-Butterworth, and booked flights to Bangkok and Phuket then back to SG where I have ticket back to Manila.

Yesterday I booked yet another impromptu solo trip. Tomorrow I’m going to Hong Kong and it would be my first time to go solo on a HK-Macau trip. I am utterly  excited. I got lost twice in Macau, I had company on both occasions and it thrills me to anticipate that I’m going to get lost again and this time I’m on my own!

I only have a few hours to pack my things, I’m running a list in my head right now that’s why I came up with this short post while I’m on a van on my way home. And there’s panic creeping in, like what if I forget anything and stuff like that. Anyway, here’s what I realized:

* If you’re a frequent traveller, or you really fancy impromptu trips, then you should always have a travel kit ready. Always ready. Your travel kit may include (plus or minus) the following:
- toiletries in sachets or small bottles or small jars (yes it has to be small because you don’t to bring your whole bathroom)
- sarong or shawl or a big scarf that can function as a blanket, a skirt, a bag or just an addition to give your fashion an extra ooomph.
-  universal socket for your charging needs, especially if you’re going out to other countries
- a comfy head pillow so you can grab rest while travelling, I bought one from Watson’s for around 180php and it already passes for comfort
- a small messenger bag where you can put your travel documents and important items
- your favorite flip flops

Well by the look of this list that I just made up to make myself look like a travel genius haha, I have a good rush packing to do later when I reach home =))

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8 thoughts on “Preparing for a short, impromptu trip

  1. haha, binasa ko talaga uli yung 10 day SG-Malaysia trip mo! haha. bigla biglaan. at eto na naman, impromptu trips. ganyan din ako, come what may minsan. haha.

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