Now it’s time to write

And be totally serious about it.


I started traveling in 2009 out of the inevitable circumstance that the former object of my affection is fond of it. To forge a bond, I tagged along with his travels and eventually I made my own. And then I had trips after trips and the rest was history. I grew more addicted to travel as he slowly got tired of it. (And no, that wasn’t the reason why we broke up HAHA)


I bought this domain in 2009 to chronicle the stories I’ve collected from my trips. But obviously, that objective wasn’t fulfilled with after three years, there’s only 6 posts in this blog =)) I tried to shutdown this blog once, well that was when I got really down and I don’t think I can find sense in blogging anymore. This year, I tried to write again but only to my dismay. Well, I could not recount how many times I’ve been going in and out of the blogging scene anymore. I think what’s important is no matter what I do I always come back to blogging. * haha*


Well, now I think I need to re-establish my objectives to myself as to why I am doing this. Today I am inspired to write and put up my own franchise of a travel blog – not just something to feed my vanity but something that I could actually share to people, something that actually has value. And, yes I’d be honest there would still be vanity – I’d like to get popular *ehem* and fulfill my dream of running a race in Amazing Race Asia, or land on a travel magazine cover, or be discovered as a model *LOL*.


To kick-off my new-found inspiration, I created an FB page for this blog. Yeay! Pink Tsinelas is now on Facebook! =) I’m looking forward to more travel posts, I hope to keep up with it HAHA!


See you around! =)

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30 thoughts on “Now it’s time to write

  1. Yey! Finally!
    You have to set deep-rooted mission and visions on why write/blog. To keep you going.

    When you feel you are not sensible, and is senseless– just go back to WHY DO YOU TRAVEL & WHY DO YOU BLOG? it will keep the flame burning!

  2. I think you have many backlogs since 2009? haha. keep writing! Until youre running for the Amazing race and getting featured in a Magazine because of it making you the model causing you to be popular. haha. resulting from you, sharing your vanity. haha. enjoy!

  3. One of the best things about travel blogging is that you got the chance to enjoy a certain place and share it to friends and total strangers online.
    Also I find it amusing whenever I go back to my old travel posts.
    BTW, I find this blog really neat, easy to read and informative – although I’m not a pink fan, it’s simply gorgeous.
    Keep it up!

  4. Hi Cai!

    I was looking for your email address so I can send you an email, para mangumusta. But I can’t seem to find it here. So I’m just leaving a comment.

    I’m very happy to have found your new blog! We were blog friends back in 2008, back in our days with and you were one of my treasured visitors ;) Ganda naman ng new blog mo. At travel blogger ka na pala ngayon :) I’m enjoying your posts and your photos.

    Take care, Cai, and have fun exploring Pinas!

      • ah…eh….haha! bigla daw ako nahirapan sa sagot….because answering your question would be revealing my true identity already hihihi Pano naman no, buong pangalan ko ang blog name ko sa haha!

        Hanapin ko na lang email mo dito at email kita hihihi

    • Thanks Elal! Hope to share more trips pa with you! Sooper enjoy ka kasama hihi You bring life to travel! =)

      Miss you girl!

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