Midnight Comfort at The Borough, Podium

Look what I found last weekend!

the borough podium mall

The Borough. Shhhhh.

The Borough is a loft-style restaurant-bar inspired by Brooklyn’s neighborhood. It offers comfort food 24 by 7! They have different menus on different time of the day.

borough midnight menu

Borough's Late Midnight Menu, the white paper is where the cocktails and alcoholic drinks are listed.

The whole place is very cozy, I love how the couches and the stool chairs have muted floral prints that compliment the wooden communal tables and surfaces. The interior is very homey and warm, it’s really comforting and it seems to be a very nice place to hangout with friends.

borough podium interior

Loft-type restobar that lets us experience New York.

I was in a big craving for french fries after A and I just had coffee and chocolate sponge cake at Starbucks. A said he read there’s a new place open 24/7 in Podium and so I said we should check it out.

borough food french fries

French fries!!! A ton of it! (Php150)

The french fries was not on the menu but I asked the lady if they’re offering it because I’m dying of cravings! I love these french fries, the skin is not peeled from the potato how sweet is that?

borough food chocolate chicken wings

Chocolate chicken wings with sour cream! (Php280)

This chocolate-coated chicken wings woke up my appetite that night. 6-pcs generous chicken wings served with salted beans and sour cream. It complimented my shot of tequila rose very well! The taste of chocolate in chicken wings is very fun. Though I really didn’t like dipping it in sour cream, I enjoyed it just as is.

borough drinks tequila

A shot of tequila rose (Php140), followed by a shot of jager (Php140). SWEET.

And of course, hanging out will not be complete without shots! Yes of course, the Borough is offering cocktails and drinks, perfect for weekend hangouts or after-office booze. The pricelist is quite reasonable. A bottle of local beer is around Php60 and shots would range from Php90-150.

I had tequila rose and jager and I wish I had more but A said that should be enough. Meh.


I know I will surely go back to this place. Really. And I would like to bring my friends for more fun. Hahaha


GF, Unit 107A, The Podium Mall
12 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center
telephone: 570-8906
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10 thoughts on “Midnight Comfort at The Borough, Podium

    • medyo bitter yon chicken kasi cocoa yon coating. yummy din with sour cream kaya lang hindi ako fan talaga ng sour cream e haha :P Try nyo ni chorbs mo :D

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  2. We went out for dinner with friends because I came from NY and lives in Manhattan. I always go to Brooklyn Williamburg it captures the rustic atmosphere and design of the place but the food ( from 1-10) I give 6. Maybe the American taste is far different from Filipino? Sorry nothing to compare.

    But it’s nice to see the Menu was pattern from the subway map of NY.

    Just my opinion!


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