Bellarocca Island Resort and Spa, Marinduque

So far, our recent trip to Bellarocca Island Resort and Spa in Marinduque is the best weekend getaway A and I ever had. And there’s no doubt about it. It’s the most lazy, relaxing and “I-feel-friggin-rich” weekend we spent.

Bellaroca Island Resort and Spa.

Bellaroca Island Resort and Spa. They call it the elephant island. I can't see why.

bellarocca, the elephant island

5-minute speedboat ride to the elephant island

Bellarocca Island Resort and Spa sits nicely on a private island called Elephant Island in Marinduque. Last weekend, A and I were there to celebrate my birthday. It’s a 30-minute fly from Manila, 45-minute land transfer from Marinduque airport and 5-minute speedboat ride from the port to the island itself.

Very nice room. This is the cheapest one. It has a very nice terrace overlooking the beach and the mountains of Marinduque. I love that this room has a surround sound system,it made my midnight movie marathon a whole different experience. ^^

The service is superb. The place is very romantic and nice and beautiful and calm and totally the best place to do nothing but relax. The staff are always prompt in attending our needs. Even the General Manager is very hands-on in welcoming the guests and making sure we do enjoy our stay.

bellarocca island resort and spa

This is the view from the room where we stayed. Captivating beauty.


This is where I dreamed to stay — a villa (this one is named Hermes) with its own infinity pool. Sweet.

There’s a lot still under construction when we toured the island. They still plan to have a hot spring there and more rooms and villas and stuff like that. We had the chance to see their casas, terrazas and villas which were named after Greek gods.

trying hard wind-surfer wannabe. :P

bellarocca island resort and spa

view from the beachfront


A and I did some outdoor activities like snorkeling, kayaking, and wind surfing. There’s not much colorful fishes and corals under the waters of elephant island but it was my first time to see lion fishes and cucumber fishes. We saw a pink lion fish and I was sooo giddy like a little kid! We swam for about an hour enjoying neon blue fishes and starfishes and stuff like that. Then Boiffie tried wind surfing while I was resting. Then after that we went kayaking; ┬áit took us 20minutes to go around the entire island.

There are other things to do in Bellarocca also aside from bumming. They got a billiard hall, a smoking room where you can play poker and do karaoke, they got this grand piano in the hotel lobby, a library with a little collection of books and DVD’s from which I borrowed Erin Brockovich and RENT.

And yes, have I told you the view is great? I’ll just let the pictures I took tell you the stories. ;)

The Hermes Villa, top view

Lap pool.

This reminds me of a local movie "Moments of Love"

Infinity pool at the break of dawn

Infinity pool again! That's a sunken bar right there.

This can replace the "walking down the beach" romantic scene. Boiffie and I walked here, holding hands and stuff like that. Hahaha

Define laid back.


So there. Staying in Bellarocca Island Resort and Spa could be really pricey but I think it’s worth it – I swear you wouldn’t regret spending that much. It’s like a dream vacation/getaway.

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18 thoughts on “Bellarocca Island Resort and Spa, Marinduque

  1. Hi! Thank you for posting this magnificent write up on our resort. We are all very glad that you enjoyed your stay with. We do hope we see you again soon. If there is any other way we may help you, please do let us know. :)

  2. HUWAW!!!imba!!! dream destination nga. seen it before and di ako nakatulog sa ingget dahil gusto ko ring marating to. looks like Im going to work my ass out just to be able to get here next

  3. I love your photos they are so gorgeous and are good for post card, how I wish I could make a photos like yours, I love my country everything is beautiful as well the gorgeous girl in our country how I wish I could visit all this nice places, soon I will be migrating to US and this is what I’m afraid – I won’t have time to visit all this nice places in the Philippines.
    have a great day and enjoy life as we only have given 1 life to enjoy.

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  5. I’m going here this long weekend through a Deal Grocer coupon. It’s called Elephant Island because it looks like an elephant submerged underwater, with only the top of its back and head showing.

    Great pics! :)

  6. Awesome place! We are supposed to visit Marinduque last June but unfortunately, there are too many typhoons that month so it got cancelled *sigh*
    Maybe next year…

  7. Beautiful pictures!! Thanks for the post! I never thought that this is in the Philippines.. Hope to visit this place soon!

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